19 APRIL — THE BOMBER competition
Don't miss the chance to win your own copy of The Bomber! Vintage Books and Transworld are giving away a library of our hugely popular, unputdownable Scandinavian Crime books and to be in with the chance to win, simply click here.

5 APRIL — VANISHED reviewed on TVNZ
Vanished, the third installment in the Annika Bengtzon series, just got a lovely review on TVNZ's website: "Vanished is another satisfying read from Scandinavia's undisputed queen of crime fiction" Read the full review by clicking here.

14 MARCH — LAST WILL to be published this autumn
Last Will, the sixth installment in the Annika Bengtzon series, will be published in the UK this autumn! In this novel, Annika is covering the glamorous Nobel Prize Dinner, traditionally held in Stockholm's City Hall, for the first time. The world's notabilities are enjoying themselves on the dance floor when suddenly gunshots break through the music. Annika is pushed down on the floor by someone escaping the scene. Soon, she finds herself caught in the middle of an intricate drama with links to Alfred Nobel - this time not merely as a reporter, but as a key witness. As you may know, the Swedish film adaptation recently had its premier in Stockholm. You can watch the trailer with English subtitles on Youtube by clicking here.

Vanished keeps getting lovely reviews by book bloggers in the UK. The Little Reader Library says: "This is a fast-paced crime novel. I really enjoyed reading it, I like this author's style of writing, and felt like the plot carried me along. It's one of those reads where I kept thinking, I'll read just one more chapter". To read the rest of the review, please click here.

21 FEBRUARY — Nobel's Last Will Gala Premier
Yesterday was the Gala Premier of Nobel's Last Will, the movie adaptation of the sixth installment in Liza's Annika Bengtzon series. The premier was held in Stockholm and Liza's Swedish publisher Piratfšrlaget made a short interview with Liza prior to the opening night:

What do you think of Malin Crepin as the "new" Annika Bengtzon?
I've seen the raw cuttings of all the six film adaptations, and I am absolutely floored by Malin. I knew she was an amazing actress but she is absolutely fantastic in the role of Annika Bengtzon. It is not an easy role to play - and not an easy character to live with for as long as Malin has.

Have you had the chance to influence the production?
A little. Tove Alsterdal (my editor) and I read all script versions and have had the chance give advice and criticism. The production company really listened to what we had to say. We've seen rough versions of the films and have made proposals for changes in the editing and the same applies there; they have listened and embraced what has been good, which was exactly what I hoped for. In general, the cooperation has proceeded beyond all expectations.

Many fans have mixed feelings about seeing their favorite book transferred onto the big screen. How do you feel about that?
I just thinks it's great. I know that I can trust the production company.

Nobel's Last Will will have it's official premier March 2nd.

10 FEBRUARY — Liza will attend The Harrogate Festival
Liza will attend the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival this summer. The festival takes place at Harrogate July 19th - 22nd. More info about events and appearances is coming soon. In the meanwhile, please check out their website by clicking here.

27 JANUARY — Book bloggers are loving VANISHED
Liza's next novel to be published in the UK, Vanished, is the third installment in the Annika Bengtzon-series. The novel will be published on February 16th but book bloggers who has had the chance to read the novel pre-publication are loving it. Please click the links below the read what they have to say about Vanished.

Brummie Blogger
Our Book Reviews Online
More Than A Reading Journal

13 JANUARY – Swedish Marketing Campaign
Liza's Swedish publisher Piratförlaget recently ran a huge marketing campaign for Borderline in the Stockholm subway. Please click the thumbnails below to see some pictures from the campaign.

10 JANUARY — NOBEL'S LAST WILL movie trailer
Please click the link below to watch the movie trailer for the Swedish film adaptation of Liza Marklund's Nobel's Last Will. The movie will premier in Sweden next month.

9 JANUARY — BORDERLINE No. 2 in Norway
Borderline is No. 2 on the Norwegian Bestseller list. In this novel Annika Bengtzon is dragged into a violent hostage situation that shakes both Europe and East Africa at the same times as a murder spree in Stockholm's suburbs continues and speculations of a serial killer arises.

7 DECEMBER — BORDERLINE No. 1 in Finland
Borderline is No. 1 on the Finnish Bestseller list.

28 NOVEMBER — BORDERLINE on Scandinavian Bestseller Lists
Liza Marklund's latest novel Borderline, the ninth book about crime reporter Annika Bengtzon, is currently No. 3 on the Norwegian bestseller list and No. 2 on the Danish bestseller list.

16 NOVEMBER — Distribution rights to NOBEL'S LAST WILL sol
Feature film Nobel's Last Will, based on the novel by Liza Marklund, will be shown at the cinemas in the United States. Malabar Entertainment bought the distribution rights during the recently conducted American Film Market in Los Angeles. A total of 30 countries has now bought the film rights to the movie where Malin Crepin stars as crime reporter Annika Bengtzon, this happened even before the film had its theatrical release. Nobel's Last Will is the first in a series of six films based on Liza Marklund's successful books about Annika Bengtzon. Danish star director Peter Flinth is the director of the movie and starring are Bjorn Kjellman, Leif Andree, Kajsa Ernst and Erik Johansson along side Malin Crepin. The movie will premier in the cinemas in Scandinavia in Spring 2012.

7 NOVEMBER — Annika Bengtzon on the front-page of The Hollywood
The movie adaption of Liza Marklund's Nobel's Last Will had its first screening abroad yesterday at the AFM, American Film Market, in Los Angeles. There will be a screening of the movie today as well. Below is the front-page of The Hollywood Reporter's AFM issue.

The Hollywood Reporter

3 NOVEMBER — THE BOMBER - the best treat for Halloween!
The Bomber is featured as one of the chilling reads suitable for the spooky Halloweeen weekend on Transworld's Lucky 13 list.
Please click here to see the full list. Also, book bloggers are loving The Bomber. Please click the links below to read two wonderful reviews of the novel:
Sarah's Book Reviews
Leswamme's Blog

1 NOVEMBER — Pictures and videos from the LITQUAKE FESTIVA
Please click the links below to see pictures and videos from Liza's event at the Litquake Festival in San Francisco:
Nordic Noir Selection

30 AUGUST — Interviews with LIZA
Please click below to read two interviews with Liza in the Irish newspapers The Sunday Independent and The Sunday Business Post.
The Sunday Independent
The Sunday Business Post

19 AUGUST — EXPOSED in Ireland
Earlier this month Liza visited Dublin, Ireland, to promote her novel Exposed. Liza met with several journalists and radio stations and she also did a live interview on Ireland AM, TV3. Please click the links below to read/watch/listen:
Ireland AM, TV3
Arena, RTƒ Radio 1

Liza was a close friend of Anna Lindh's, the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs who was murdered in 2003. Today, she hands out a scholarship on behalf of the Anna Lindh Memorial Fund. The laureate is Anna Thunes, a driving spirit in the struggle against domestic violence.

1 JUNE — EXPOSED in the UK
Exposed is now out in the UK bookstores! Published by Corgi, it's the perfect crime novel for the sizzling summer. Get your own copy straight away!

12 MAY — LIZA goes to Cannes
Liza will be in Cannes this weekend for the promo of Nobel's Last Will. The movie, which is currently in post-production, is directed by Peter Flinth and produced by YellowBird and Nordisk Film.

26 APRIL — Research in Nairobi
I'm off on a research trip to Nairobi, which (hopefully) is the last one I'll need to do for my new novel. When I get back I'll just wrap it up!
Liza Marklund

Unicef Sweden is launching its big campaign "For Every Kid" and Liza, as a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador, is taking part. She has held a speech at Sergel Square in Stockholm and written a large piece about children in Colombia in the daily Expressen.

Liza's new essay collection has been receiving great reviews in Sweden. Here are a couple of the latest ones:

"Liza Marklund's New Voices Sing Old Songs is an important and very urgent book. She is not silent. She screams in anger and righteous rage. Listen to her."
Helsingborgs Dagblad (Sweden)

"Fearless debater, skilled columnist and extraordinarily successful author - there is only one person who can measure up to Liza Marklund in contemporary Sweden: her colleague Jan Guillou."
Norrbottens-Kuriren (Sweden)

Liza's new book is out in Sweden! Her essay collection New Voices Sing Old Songs is a warm, sharp and intimate portrait of one of Sweden's most successful and controversial authors.

16 MARCH 2011
Update from my cave: I'm deep deep deep into my new novel right now. Part One is finished and I'm trying to find the pace and heart of Part Two. If you try to talk to me, I'll just go: What? Eh? Who me?
Liza Marklund

4 MARCH 2011 — RED WOLF reviewed in The New York Times!
"You can trust Liza Marklund's description of her hard-nosed heroine, Annika Bengtzon, an investigative reporter on a Stockholm daily with the enviable freedom to write just about anything she well pleases. /.../ Despite her messy personal life, Bengtzon hangs on to the uncompromising ethics and sense of justice that make her a welcome figure in the ranks of Scandinavian sleuths."

28 FEBRUARY 2011
I visited the shooting location of Nobel's Last Will the other week. It's really weird when my characters come up to me to introduce themselves. Is this what God feels like?
Liza Marklund

23 FEBRUARY 2011
Yellowbird, the production company behind The Millenium Trilogy, have now begun to shoot their Annika Bengtzon feature film.

17 FEBRUARY 2011
Red Wolf has just been sold to Bulgaria! Colibri Publishers will publish it in Bulgarian next year.

10 FEBRUARY 2011
Red Wolf and two other Annika Bengtzon novels have just been sold to Taiwan, a great addition to the long list of countries that already publish the series.

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"What impresses me most about Liza Marklund's novels is that they are intelligent and gripping. As if that isn't enough to raise them above just about everyone else's work—Liza writes lively, often funny dialogue."

James Patterson
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